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VRA 200

CATV or LAN Amplifier



ACI’s VRA 200 is rack-mountable reverse amplifier for two-way CATV and data networking systems. The VRA 200 is designed for amplification of the reverse path signals. In today’s HFC network, the VRA 200 provides a method to compensate for the splitting and combining losses at the central facility. The VRA 200 is provided in three gain choices (30 dB, 35 dB & 40 dB). Using the latest hybrid technology, it features input and output 20 dB down test points. This permits plug-in attenuator and equalizers for further flexibility or input or output.


  • Interstage gain and tilt controls

  • Reverse bandwidth of 5 ~ 200 MHz

  • 120 VAC, 220 VAC or DC powering (DC powering may be connected at all times for standby power in case of AC power failure)

  • -48 VDC optional model also available

  • Return loss 18 dB typical (16 dB worst case)

  • Three levels of surge protection

VRA 200 DataSheet RevJ 050316
下載 PDF • 304KB


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