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DSIM Series



DSIM 數位機站管理模組是新世代的機站增益控制模組,具有高效能且極高經濟效益的機站內部診斷分析模組。此增益控制功能可接受QAM數位訊號或數比訊號作為導航頻道。可同時任意選擇頻道。使用簡易,操作可靠,功率效益佳,是外線設備維修人員最佳的幫手。在未來十年全數位服務的時代,DSIM無疑是延伸纜線網路壽命的最佳選擇。
Digital Station Intelligence Manager
The Digital Station Intelligence Manager (DSIM) is a next-generation gain control module with comprehensive yet extremely cost-effective local station diagnostics onboard. In the DSIM AGC module, the gain control function allows for any QAM or analog carrier from channels 52 to 142 to be selected as a pilot or can be set to operate in the thermal AGC mode with 9, 18 and 27 dB of cable. The DSIM controller is used to set the DSIM module’s pilot channel and to change into the different operational modes during the amplifier setup. The bi-colored blue and red LED indicator's blinking patterns will denote the current optional mode setting. The DSIM AGC modules are simple to use, reliable, power-efficient, cost-effective, and an augmentation to the OSP maintenance team’s maximum uptime program. The ACI DSIM is the perfect choice for coaxial plant life extensions for the next decade of all-digital services.
  • DSIM is self-calibrating and auto aligning. Proper control loop levels are set internally by the microcontroller. The tech is notified by an LED indicator when alignment is complete
  • Up to 40 days of data can be downloaded with either Windows, Apple or Android-based products and contain enough detail and ease of readability to take the guesswork out of the analysis
  • For aerial installations, the DSIM may also be set into the thermal AGC mode with cable sections of 9, 18 and 27 dB
  • The on-board intelligence of the DSIM keeps the station gain on target even during abnormal events, such as loss of the pilot and upon return from power outages. If the pilot is lost the DSIM will change into the thermal AGC mode, and then once the pilot is recovered will automatically change back into the SPAGC mode of operation
  • 9 dB wide gain control range and 6 MHz center frequency bandwidth
  • Pilot frequency settings can be reprogrammed as needed with the use of the key-coded controller
  • Pilot modulation types: QAM, NTSC analog or CW (set by the controller)
  • The DSIM AGC module furnishes the outside plant maintenance team with an on-board diagnostic toolset unprecedented in the industry.
  • The DSIM status LED gives maintenance techs an immediate visual indication of the units:
• AC power on (any status light)
• 24-volt line status (low, high, ripple high)
• Pilot tracking status (pilot in range, pilot lost)
• Station temperature status (normal, hot)
• Operational modes: (MGC, AGC, or TGC)
• Pilot channel number in SPAGC mode
• Upfront dB of cable setting in TGC mode
The DSIM solution is cost-competitive with low technology alternatives. But the similarity ends there. The DSIM has a feature set aimed at improving outside plant function and diagnoses. Intelligent Setup- the DSIM self-calibrates, so the maintenance tech doesn’t need to worry about setting the AGC response- just the station levels- before going to AGC mode. Backup level control options- The DSIM is designed to keep doing its job even under abnormal conditions. If the pilot is lost, it will track the known thermal profile. If power fails and is then restored, the DSIM can restore level control operation quickly from its onboard profile history. Expanded downloadable data set- With the DSIM’s 40-day data log, not only can you see what’s going on with pilot levels, but you can also see station temperature, DC voltage, ripple, and alarm events to help you put the story together even if you weren’t on-site during an abnormal event. Now the history is at your fingertips.
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