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GPON EDFA with WDM for IP(OLT) wavelengths Multi Optical Outputs

(with Pluggable Cooling fans, fan speed monitoring & alarm / for Outdoor Cabinet Environment)



The ACI ED5229GT-E / GTRE series is a high power multi ports EDFA optical booster with gain spectrum bandwith from 1545 to 1563 nm for HFC network. It is designed for the amplification of 1550nm single channel or multi channel wavelengths (ITU wavelength) with WDM for IP(OLT) signal overlay . It has WDM devices integrated for combing GPON(IP) signals of wavelengths 1310nm (upstream) & 1490nm(down stream) with 1550nm broadcasting signal in the same fiber. The ED522 9 GT R E model also integrated a built in optical receiver for directly monitoring the 1550nm si gnal. It is also specially designed with ruggedized components for operation in the temperature range from -5°C to +65°C which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cabinet environment. The ED5229GT E /GTRE is very compact by design which has pluggable cooling fan modules on the sides with fan speed monitoring and fan failure alarm. It also has pluggable power supp ly modules with on/off switches on the front panel. All optical connectors are positioned at a 60 degree angle to the front panel surface for easy fiber routing. It provides fully front panel access functions including power supply connections on the front panel. It is 2 RU in height and by using a mounting adaptor, it works for both 19 and 21 ra cks and can be installed vertically or horizontally in the cabinet. This series of EDFA offers a flex ible solution for broadcasting large area coverage of metropolitan and medium size cities.

The ED5229GT-E /GTRE EDFA adopts the world s top class pump lase rs and the American brand OFS erbium doped optical fiber. Perfect APC control, excellent design in the ventilation and efficient heat dissipation ensure the long life and high reliability of the product. The pump laser will switch off automatically if the input optical signal power is too low or missing, which offers safety protection for the lasers. The LCD display and LED indicators on the front panel provide system information , real time monitoring and alarm functions for operating this equipment. A RJ 45 interface is available for controlling the unit from a remote PC by a GUI software. Network management via SNMP protocol is possible using the RJ 45 port on the front panel.


  • O peration temperature range: -5°C to +65°C (for outdoor cabinet

  • 1545~1563nm operating wavelengths range

  • 32 combined output ports and 32 OLT input ports

  • All front panel access

  • Pluggable Cooling fan modules the side walls

  • With fan speed monitoring and alarm upon failure of cooling fans

  • Pluggable power supply modules with on/off switches

  • All Optical Connectors positioned at 60 angle for easier fiber cable routing

  • Works for 19 or 21 racks and can be mounted horizon tally or vertically

  • Low noise, high reliability

  • Precision APC control

  • Powerful RJ45 (Ethernet) supervisory instruction

  • Efficient space, flexible installation and easy operation

  • A high performance optical output driver circuit and laser TEC to p rovide a highly reliable EDFA.

  • A Built in microprocessor allows the unit to monitor the system parameters.

  • The pump laser auto shut down function is available

  • LED indicator on the front panel show s the alarm status

  • LCD display on the front panel shows the system parameters.

  • Support firmware upgrade download.

  • Support SNMP for network management .

  • 1550nm test port (for ED5229GTRE model

ED5229GT-E 32 port EDFA_ENG RevA 211025
下載 PDF • 923KB


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