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XGPON/GPON EDFA with WDM Multiple Optical Outputs



ACI’s ED5219LXGT-16 series is a low noise, high performance, FTTP high power, multi ports

optical amplifier with gain spectrum band within 1540 nm ~ 1560 nm. Each output port for optical

amplifier has built in well performed CWDM. Every external uplink optical port of optical

amplifier can connect with OLT PON port very conveniently. Each 1550 nm output optical port

multiplexes with 1310 nm / 1490 nm GPON or 1270 nm / 1577 nm (XGPON) data stream, in order to reduce the quantity of component s and improve the performance index and reliability of the system. It also has a built in 2x1 optical switch for 1550 nm input back up redundancy. ACI

ED5219LXGT 16 optical amplifier can be compatible with any FTTx PON Technology. It offers a

flexible and low cost solution for three wavelength integration in a Fiber to the Home network


  • Operation temperature range: -5 ˚ C to +65 ˚ C (for outdoor cabinet environment)

  • All front panel access

  • Works for 19" rack and can be mounted horizontally or vertically

  • High performance optical output driver circuit and laser TEC to provide a highly reliable EDFA

  • Built-in microprocessor allows the unit to monitor the system parameters

  • LED indicator on the front panel show s the Laser diode on/off status

  • LCD display on the front panel shows the monitor parameters

  • Support SNMP for network management

  • Optical Switch for 1550 nm signal source redundancy. (Optional)

ED5219LXGT ENG RevE 20200213-自制
下載 PDF • 485KB


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