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5 to 1218 MHz RF Switch



ACI’s A8KRFS is the headend equipment 5-1218 MHz RF Switch Module serves as the backup switching for HFC RF signal. The Switch module is a 3RU height unit, intended for use in the A8KMF3 chassis platform and up to 12 RF Switch modules can be integrated in the 19-inch high-density chassis A8KMF3RU. A8KRFS has two RF inputs. RFA is Primary Input by default and RFB is the Auxiliary (Aux) Input. RF switching will be automatically from Primary to Aux when the Primary input level falls below the desired setting threshold. A8KRFS module also has option for Manual A/B input selection switch. The A8KRFS has local and remote network management that provides real-time monitoring and controls via GUI, Webpage and PCM2L.


  • BW: 5 ~ 1218 MHz

  • Two RF inputs and one RF output

  • Automatic backup switching from Primary to Auxiliary

  • Manual A/B input selection

  • Independent RF detector for each of the two RF inputs

  • Front panel status LED for A and B RF inputs

  • User defined Hi/Lo alarm limits and switching thresholds

  • Front panel -20dB RF output test point

  • Factory setting recovery via GUI, Webpage and PCM2L

  • Hot swap


A8KRFS RF Switch 1218MHz ENG RevB 210204
下載 • 986KB


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