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300MHz Quad Return Receiver



ACI’s A8KQRR Quad Return Receiver is an integral part of return path system applications. 3RU in height and up to 12 modules can reside in the 19 inch high density chassis (A8KMF3). The receiver has RF bandwidth up to 300MHz with very low noise which is excellent headend return receiver for high frequency split DOCSIS 3.1 transmission i n the HFC network.


  • Bandwidth up to 300MHz

  • Wide optical input range

  • 4 Return optical inputs and 4 Return RF outputs (A8KQRR)

  • 2 RF outputs (A8KQRR-AA, A8KQRR-AB)

  • Maximum of 48 returns for Quad receiver modules per chassis

  • Wide optical input range

  • Front optical inputs and rear RF outputs

  • Optical wavelength: 1200 to 1600 nm

  • Hot-swappable

  • Remote monitor and control function by HMS or SNMP

  • Stand alone receivers with no redundancy or with A/B switch for redundant receivers (optional)

  • A8KQRR & A8KQRR-AB AGC (optional)


A8KDRR_QRR 300MHz ENG RevB 201208
下載 PDF • 373KB


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