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3RU Main Frame



ACI’s A8KMF3-3RU Main Frame is a 3-inch rack-unit chassis that provides up to 16 slots which can accommodate the ACION 8000 Headend series plug-in, application and power supply modules. The Shelf ID can be set by the dip switch (12 bit) when multi Main Frames are controlled by one A8KPCM platform controller. The Fan controller monitors the fan status and responses to A8KPCM. The DC power connector can provide the DC power to the next A8KMF3. The RS485 I/O port can also be the interface to another A8KMF3. The alarm I/O can provide the alarm signal to the equipment control center.


  • Designed for maximum density and flexibility

  • Up to 12 plug-in application modules, 2 power supplies and 1 control module in the 3RU housing

  • Convenient Plug-and-Play

  • Simple insertion and removal of modules without the use of special tools

  • 6 hot-swap cooling fans

  • Including A8KSUB module


A8KMF3 ENG RevL 201119
下載 PDF • 551KB


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