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1.2GHz Forward Optical Transmitter



ACI’s A8KFT3U-1310nm is the head-end equipment 1.2GHz forward optical transmitter (Tx) for HFC or FTTH applications. This compact and cost effective Tx module is a 3RU height and up to 12 Tx modules can be integrated in the 19-inch high-density chassis (A8KMF3). The transmitter’s adjustable OMI level and user define AGC setting features make it very convenient in field application with a wide range of RF input loading. The transmitter’s RF path employs several stages of RF amplification that includes single ended low noise high linear amplifiers and low noise push-pull amplifier from G7/EU brand name vendors.


  • Transmission bandwidth up to 1.2 GHz

  • Cooled DFB laser diode with isolator

  • 1310 nm optical wavelength

  • AGC/MGC selection

  • Video/CW selection

  • OMI level adjust

  • User define AGC setting

  • Hot-swappable

  • Remote control and monitor functions via HMS or SNMP

  • -20dB RF front panel test point


A8KFT3U-1310 1218MHz ENG RevE 20191104
下載 P • 501KB


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