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Forward Optical Transmitter (with Full Spectrum AGC)



ACI’s A8KFT3S-1310nm forward optical transmitter is a head-end equipment for HFC or FTTH applications. This compact and cost effective module is 3 RU in height and up to 12 modules can be integrated in the 19-inch high-density chassis (A8KMF3). The RF transmission bandwidth is up to 1GHz. The high performance full spectrum AGC and RGC functions make very stable optical output for wide RF input range which is very convenient in field application.


  • Up to 1 GHz transmission bandwidth

  • Full spectrum AGC

  • Cooled DFB laser diode with isolator

  • 1310 nm optical wavelength

  • Plug-in JXP attenuator pads for RF gain control

  • Hot-swappable

  • Remote monitor and control function by HMS or SNMP

  • RF front-panel test point


A8KFT3S-1310 ENG RevB 20160217
下載 PDF • 586KB


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