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CWDM QAM Forward Optical Receiver



ACI’s A8KFR3 QAM is an advanced CWDM Forward Optical Receiver designed for HFC network, with high reliability, scalability, low input optical power and cost-effectiveness. The A8KFR3 QAM has wide range of operation wavelength from 1260 to 1620nm. In multi wavelength CWDM application, the capacity of the HFC network can be increased substantially without installing new optical fiber.The module is hot-swappable with integrated management through A8KPCM and remotemanagement by HMS SNMP.


  • Bandwidth 55MHz~870MHz

  • Input Wavelength CWDM 1260~1620nm

  • Hot-swappable

  • Remote monitor and control function by HMS SNMP

  • RF test point on front panel

  • Optical Connector: SC/APC with shutter(standard), FC/APC or E2000/APC (optional)


A8KFR3 QAM ENG RevF 20110609
下載 PDF • 1.08MB


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