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1RU Forward Receiver



ACI’s A8KFR1 is an advanced Forward Optical Receiver designed for HFC network to convert the optical signal to RF signal for distribution, with high reliability, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. The A8KFR1 has wide range of operation bandwidth from 45 MHz to 770 MHz or 1 GHz and input optical power range from -5 dBm to 1 dBm. The power supply module can operate with redundancy when two power supplies are installed. Also, the optical receiver module can operate with redundancy when two optical receivers are installed. For the network management, the A8KFR1 supports the remote management by SNMP.


  • Operation bandwidth 45 to 770 MHz or 1 GHz operation

  • Supports 80 digital channels/10 analog channels or 110 analog channels loading performance

  • -5 dBm to +1 dBm received input power range

  • Located on the rear panel: rear mount RF ports, optical ports and alarm circuitry

  • Located on the front panel: test-point, gain control, slope control, and LED for easy setup

  • Occupies only 1RU (JIS/EIA) of vertical rack space

  • Redundant forward receiver (optional)

  • Redundant power supply (optional)

  • Operation optical wavelength 1310 or 1550 nm optical input operation

  • RS232 control interface

  • Support Telnet or SNMP management by Ethernet


A8KFR1 770MHz_1G ENG RevL 20130712
下載 PDF • 367KB


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