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1550nm (C-Band) EDFA Module



ACI’s A8KEAM 1550nm (C-Band) EDFA (Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier) module single-channel optical amplifier is designed for long-haul or wide broadcast optical fiber system, with compact, high reliability, scalability and cost-effectiveness. The module is hot-swappable with integrated management through A8KPCM and remote management by HMS SNMP. Maximum 16 modules

can reside in the 19-inch high-density A8KMF3 chassis. The output monitor port is available for the real-time monitoring without interrupting the service.


  • High output power

  • Low noise figure

  • Operating windows: 1540~1560 nm

  • Optical Input power from –5 ~ 8 dBm

  • Optical output power from 17 ~ 23 dBm

  • Low power consumption

  • Remote control and status monitor

  • Designed for hot-swappable

  • SMF-28 Type Input/Output Optical Fiber

  • Booster amplifier for long haul broadcast

  • Single channel application

  • Advanced alarm function

  • SC/APC Input/Output Optical Connector


A8KEAM ENG RevE 20100908
下載 PDF • 291KB


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