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Platform Control Module



ACI’s A6KPCM –The Platform Control Module is used for configuration monitoring and setting the ACION 6000 plug-in application modules by the button and LCD display on the front panel. The RS232 communication port can be used for local monitoring by computer. The A6KPCM module can also be used for remote monitoring by HMS or SNMP. The smart mechanical design makes easy installation of the A6KPCM without occupying the plug-in application module space.


  • With LCD panel and direct local control

  • Hot-swappable

  • With local monitor port (RS-232)

  • Remote management from Internet

  • Remote monitor by HMS or SNMP

  • Up to 192 modules can be monitored and controlled with one Control module


A6KPCM ENG RevA 20100120
下載 PDF • 939KB


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