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Digital Return Optical Transmitter Module



The A34XMTDR is the digital return optical transmitter (Tx) of ACI's digital return platform. The Txallows RF reverse path signals to be sent back to the headend via a single fiber. The digital return optical Tx has two separate CATV RF inputs that drive an optical SFP module with ADC/multiplexing circuitry. The RF drive level to the Tx-SFP inputs ofthe A34XMTDR can be adjusted to optimizefor best performance with the input PAD or theRS-232 port via a laptop by usingaGUI.

ACI's A34XMTDR module with advanced design allows the Tx to behot-swappedin the fieldfor Tx-SFPs with different bandwidth(BW) andautomatically switch BW from 5-45 MHz to 5-85 MHz operation or vice versa. This allows the operator the flexibly in convertingthe digital return Tx module to any desired BW without the need to replace the entire Tx module.

When used in combination with the A8KQDR Digital Return Receiver in theACI’sA8K mainframe chassisat the optical headend, the A34XMTDR can be configured for single RF band, dual RF band/dual segmentedmode with variety of optical wavelength optionsof1310nm/1550nmDFB, CWDM or DWDM lasers. This maximizes the fiber efficiency on a singlefiber conserving the cable operator's investment in the fiber network.


  • DFB Laser Technology

  • ITU-T CWDM / DWDM Grid Wavelengths

  • Wide Dynamic Range

  • Module Hot-swappable

  • -20dB Test Point for RF Input Ports

  • Control and Monitor Functions via GUI

  • 45MHz/85MHz Bandwidth Selectable with Field Exchangeable Tx-SFP Sub Module

A34XMTDR Digital return optical transmit
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