GPON EDFA with WDM for IP(OLT) Wavelengths Multiple Optical Outputs


ACI’s ED5219LGT series is a high-power multi-ports EDFA optical booster with gain spectrum bandwidth from 1545 to 1563nm for HFC network. It is designed for the amplification

of 1550nm single channel or multi-channel wavelengths (ITU wavelength) with WDM for IP

(OLT) signal overlay. It has WDM devices integrated for combing GPON (IP) signals of

wavelengths 1310nm (upstream) & 1490nm (downstream) with 1550nm broadcasting signal in

the same fiber. ED5219LGT series is also specially designed with ruggedized components for

operation in the temperature range from -5˚C to +65˚C which is suitable for both indoor and

outdoor cabinet environment. The monitoring, alarm functions and system information are

provided with real time display on the front LCD panel and web browser. RJ45 interfaces for

SNMP management is also available, and RS232 interface for remote control is also available

(option). It provides fully front-panel access functions including power supply connections on the

front panel. It is 1 RU in height and by using a mounting adaptor, it works for 19” racks and can

be installed vertically or horizontally in the cabinet.