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1002 MHz Indoor Optical Node



ACI’s 1002 MHz ACION 210 is one of the smallest fully featured bi-directional nodes on the market. The optical receiver has an amazing high output level of 22 dBmV at a 0 dBm optical input. With LED’s for power on, laser on, and optical power, forward and reverse -20 dB test points, input and output optical level test points, this node has all of the setup features that are included in a conventional nodes in a housing the size of a standard drop amplifier. This node also offers a complete selection of reverse transmitter options including 1310 nm FP, 1310 or 1550 nm DFB, DFB CWDM (1471 to 1611 nm) and a 1550 nm DFB with an internal WDM.


  • Forward 1002 MHz / Reverse 5 to 42 MHz

  • FP, DFB and DFB CWDM transmitters available

  • Forward and reverse -20 dB RF & 1 V/mW input/output optical test points

  • Forward receiver operates at -6 to +2 dBm optical input and from 1200 to 1600 nm wavelength

  • LED’s for power on, laser on and optical power

  • 6 Kv combination wave surge protection on the transformer (IEEE587 category B3)

  • High performance “F” connectors - SCTE compliant

  • Remote or co-located powering capability


  • RF reverse upstream insertion port for applications such as distance learning, live events coverage, and security or traffic monitoring

  • Cost affective for use in high density application such as business parks, hospitals, schools/universities, PEG and MDU applications

  • Perfect for high security LAN network applications

  • Perfect for temporary node applications to keep the system up and running while the permanent node is repaired or replaced

  • Can be used to expand the reverse path bandwidth by node splitting

  • HE/Hub/Remote TVRO site interconnects

ACION 210 DataSheet RevG 100525
下載 PDF • 455KB


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