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Quad Digital Return Receiver



ACI’s A8KQDR - Quad Digital Return Receiver is an integral part of the HFC system. It utilizes

state of the art digital return technology t hat allows deployment of compact and highly robust

high speed digital data for the broadband systems. The A8 K QDR is a 3RU module and up to 12

modules can reside in the 19 in high density chassis (A8KMF3). ACI's A8KQDR employs two hot pluggable Rx SFPs at the receiver frontend and four RF outputs at the backend that allows automatically bandwidth switchable in the field from 5 ~ 45 MHz to 5 ~ 85 MHz operation. Furthermore, the A8KQDR, with advanced design and path segmentation, has the ability to work with mixed bandwidths by accepting one 45 MHz Rx SFP and one 85 MHz Rx SFP. With the mixed BW Rx SFPs, the A8KQDR can provide two 45 MHz outputs and two 85 MHz outputs. Used in combination with the A34XMTDR Digital Return Transmitter in ACI s optical node, the

A8KQDR allows flexibility, quick and cost effective in terminating any available digital return node in the HFC network.


  • 3RU module for 19“ rack housing

  • 45 MHz / 85 MHz bandwidth selectable with field exchangeable SFP return receiver sub module

  • Dual hot swap field upgradable SFP return receiver sub module

  • 4 Return RF outputs

  • RF output level control for each return path via HMS or SNMP

  • Maximum of 48 returns for Quad receiver modules per chassis

  • High RF output @36 dBmV / 6.4 MHz ch for 45 MHz or 85 MHz operation

  • Optical wavelength: 1260 to 1620 nm

  • Hot-swappable

  • 20 dB RF test point on front panel, selectable for each input

  • Remote control and monitor functions via HMS or SNMP

A8KQDR ENG RevD 180524 For ACI
下載 PDF • 377KB


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